Special guests from Revive and Fusion Scooters will be dropping in occasionally through each week listed.  Other special guests to be announced. Contests and special events will be held weekly, such as create your own tie-die shirt, designing a custom deck, creating an obstacle course, and designing a skate plaza which will be incorporated in the camp. Every Wednesday there will be a all night lock-in for those who want to attend (pending 5 or more pre-registrations for the lock-in).  You must be registered for the lock in before the day of the lock-in. Doors to the park will be closed and locked at 11pm until 8am. Participants in the Summer Camp must be between the ages of 7 and 18, unless accompanied by an adult.  All participants must complete a park waiver and bring it with them to the first day of camp.  There is a page on this site where you can find the waiver to print and sign.

Price per week $150

Week #1 – June 11th – 15th (8am-5pm daily)

Week #2 – June 18th-22nd (8am-5pm daily)

Week #3 – June 25th – 29th (8am-5pm daily)

Week #4 – July 9th – 13th (8am-5pm daily)

Week #5 – July 16th-20th (8am-5pm daily)

Week #6 – July 23th- 27th (8am-5pm daily)


Please use the following link to register for one or more of our weekly Summer Camp Sessions: