All Niter EVERY Friday & Saturday Night! Open 365 days per year!!

Friday All Niter 9pm to 7am!
Saturday All Niter 9pm to 7am!
$20 -Entry.

Give-a-Ways Every Hour!
GeT HeRe!!

Ollies Skatepark

Ollies Skatepark


38 Responses to “All Niter EVERY Friday & Saturday Night! Open 365 days per year!!”

  1. Jacob Parker says:

    I really want to come i’m an o.k bmxer I am 12 years old and I love bmxing. I want to come over the summer. Summer for my school starts June 12.

  2. Contact / Directions
    FLORENCE, KY 41042
    Phone: 859-525-9505

  3. See our contact page…

  4. jeff woodworth says:

    i want to come to the over night skate sesh but i got about a hour drive do we have to stay the whole night or can we leave when ever?

  5. how mutch is it to get in
    for fridays and saturdays

  6. ok got my bike now i will see u not this friday but next friday

  7. is it really unusual for someone to use rollerskates instead? im great on those. however a skateboard, well, not so much

  8. hey im planning on coming to the over nite tonite but does it matter if we come like two or three hours late??

  9. Do parents have to pay to watch?

  10. kirk montoya says:

    hey this saturday is my birthday and im inviting a couple friends for all night skate… but i was wondering if there is any way to show up earlier?

    • Yes you can show up early for the all niters. The charge is $2 per hour for each hour that you are starting early.
      See you Saturday and Happy Birthday!!

      Bob – Ollie’s Skatepark

  11. Can we bring a bmx bike?

  12. I wanted to know if you provide skates and skate boards to rent? It will be me and my friends first time.

  13. Headed to Ollies tomorrow night or Saturday one for the all niters with some friends, never been there but all the homies say its great back at home! so stoked to see what its like!

  14. Hey, this is going to be my first time ever going to ollies skatepark. And i was just wondering? Will. There be food and drinks there. Or do we bring our own.
    Im no that big of a bmxer either i just like to hit the ramps and have fun!

  15. Do you have to bring a helmet?

    see you friday nite

  16. do u have to wear pads,do u rent them .if my mom ,dad and sister come do they have to pay?we are coming there 4-1-13

    • You do not have to wear pads as a rule, we do recommend that you wear pads. We normally have some pads laying around that you can use.
      We do sell pads in our skate shop. It’s free to watch. See you next week!

  17. Coming to the all nighter this friday hopefully! and do parents have to stay or can they just drop you off and pick you up?

  18. we just went there all the way from NEW YORK ! 10 hours but it was well worth it, we had a blast

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