Skateboard Lessons Every Saturday

— 9am to 11am —

Just show up, no appointment necessary.

You get 2 hours of skate time with instructor (Eric).

You also get theĀ first session included (11am to 1pm), all for$20.

4 Hours total skate time!

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  1. My daughter is 8 years old so could she come to the lessons on Saturday mornings or does she have to be a certain age?

    • Your daughter is the perfect age to get started! Hope to see you 9am Saturday!


    • My son started going to lessons when he was 5 and loved it. Ollies takes great care in teaching the kids basic skills and safety required to enjoy the sport. We live in Cleveland now and still find time to come visit Eric and the lessons crew.

    • Yes, we have Skateboard Lessons EVERY Saturday @ 9am! Just show up, no need to call a head… See you Saturday!

  2. So it is every single saturday and is open to beginners? My son is 8 and is just beginning. He would love this!

  3. Okay quick question. Is there a separate area for young beginners? My son is 8 and adults zooming around him might scare him off.

  4. My daughter is turning 13 in August, and she would lovee to learn to skate. Would she need to bring a board or could she barrow one until we can get her one?

  5. can you bring scooters

  6. Do you need to be a beginner or can you just go for tips and help on tricks? Does it cost to take the lessons?

  7. We live in Kansas and visit regularly, my 9 year old son took lessons once and now he can’t wait to do it again. He talks about that all the time so he will be there this Saturday because we are in town for Thanksgiving.

  8. Your blog has inspired me to really completely re-think the way I run my site. I have to tell you I appreciate your great work.

  9. It looks really great and I hope it is I can’t wait to try it out

  10. Im 44, my son is 6. I’d like for him to learn how to skateboard but I’d kinda like to too. Can we get a lesson for both of us together?He’s definitely more coordinated. What equipment do we need (can we rent it there)?

  11. Taylor warren says:

    Do they do lessons for bmx?

  12. hey caleb here..i was wondering if you teach advanced tricks too?

    • Yes, we can match you up with an instructor that can teach advanced….street, vert, flat ground. etc…
      Email me @ and give me a date and time that would work for you. Also tell me what tricks you want to learn. Talk to you soon!

  13. Hello, im Jake. I am 14 years old and just started skating. I bought an element board just about a month ago. I can do an ollie, but have trouble doing it at times. I want to work on Shove-its, kickflips, and heelflips and my ollie at first. At these group lessons, what exactly do you guys teach? I already know the basics of riding and equipment. I’d like to learn tricks, and master them. Also, would a private lesson cost anymore than the group lesson? Thanks! Please reply as soon as possible! -Jake

    • You’d be better off with a private lesson. They are $25 for a 1.5 hour lesson. Just let us know a day and time that would work for you and we’ll set it up.
      The group lessons are more for beginners to learn how to skate the ramps, learn how to push the correct way, drop in, pump the mini-ramps, fall, etc…

      • Okay! Thank you very much! I will let you guys know as soon as possible and we can make arrangements! See you all soon!

  14. If my son takes the lesson and then the extra session is it $5.00 for each session after that?

  15. Doug Hubbard says:

    My son is going to be coming there for his first time saturday , He is so excited. He is turning 16 He has been skating since late last june we have been going to a local indoor park near columbus about 3 times he can do the basic tricks like ollies pop shoveit kickflip etc. he has been scared but really wanting to drop in the bowl so last weekend he tried it several times he ate it pretty hard each time can he get help with that?

    • We can setup a private lesson on a day and time that is good for you OR your son can do a group lesson. Our group lessons are every Saturday @ 9am-11am, just show-up no need to call ahead. Email me @ to setup a private lesson.

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